Shop The Look - #548 Broadway Powder Room

I posted this image of the Powder Room at my project #548Broadway about a year ago to Pinterest and not one week has gone by without someone sending me an email asking "Where did you get those sconces?" or "Who is the mirror by?" or my personal favorite "Is that wallpaper or tile?!". It was even featured as the #4 Most Saved Powder Room on Houzz which solidified my self esteem quota for the year! It makes going to work every day worth it to have so much interest in such a wonderful project I had the privilege of working on! #ilovemyjob 

This whole new construction project (which you can see more images on in my Gallery) was actually built as a Spec House. While all new construction projects are a blast, Spec Houses are a different type of animal... On one hand, you don't have a client so you want to push the envelope and try something new. On the other hand, you need to be able to sell the house so you need to appeal to a broad audience. (On the 3rd hand, you have a tight budget because the builder is trying get as much bang for his buck as possible) So where does this leave your mindspace throughout the project? In a place where the best thing you could hear from a potential buyer is "I never would have thought of that but, I love it!". That's the sweet spot. 

Post 1.jpg

To me, the Powder Room is the most overlooked space in most homes and it hurts my heart. Almost every guest that comes to your home with use the Powder Room at some point. Shouldn't you want them to go into that room and come out going "WOW!" instead of still drying their hands on their pants leg because they didn't even want to touch the hand towel laying lifelessly on one of those towel rings... (Side note: ladies, no man knows how to refold and put it back. They will give birth before figuring that out...) 

So in this Spec House, we had a small Powder Room tucked underneath the stairwell so I knew it needed some, for lack of a better term, pizazz. 

We used Indian Limestone for the countertops in the Kitchen so I wanted to repeat that material for some consistency. We installed it wall to wall with a 2x4 frame and installed a 9" skirt to hide any unsightly plumbing. This left the floor open and helped the space not feel too cramped.

The back wall, I wanted to be the "wow factor" so I found these arabesque shaped tiles from our local distributor (Fixtures & Finishes in Birmingham, AL) and I fell in love with the matte finish and the thickness of the cement tile. They can be purchased at Cement Tile Shop here. We finished the tile with a medium gray grout but I will speak from experience, SEAL THE TILE BEFORE YOU GROUT!!!! It is a cement tile and therefore very porous and will soak up that grout color like me eating mozzarella sticks!

I'm 100% over vessel sinks but a drop-in sink like the Kohler Tresham is an inexpensive option for a sink that isn't just a basic white under-mount sink. We topped it off with a Rolh faucet from the Edwardian Perrin & Rowe Collecting in English Bronze. 

With a slanted ceiling, I couldn't do a ceiling fixture and I just couldn't bring myself to cover up that gorgeous tile work with a two light sconce over the mirror... Basic. So I scoured our local lighting distributors website (Mayer Electric) and found these beautiful sconces that made a statement but also made my lighting budget happy. 

Towards the end of the project, I started hunting for mirrors for the whole house. At this point, I had begged and borrowed from all my allowances that I didn't have a whole lot to work with. So I started searching my usual budget friendly websites to find this beauty from World Market. She's unassuming on the website but I bought her online, went to the store to pick her (mirrors are female btw) up and immediately had a smile from ear to ear. I hit the jackpot! We then finished off the room with an oldy but a goody, Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore. 

After completion, the house quickly sold and now I lovingly drive by on occasion just to wave hello and daydream. This was for sure my favorite room in this house and Powder Rooms are always one of my favorites to design. What's your favorite room to design?